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Custom stone wall

Stone is one of the most beautiful building materials and is therefore very popular in the construction of stone walls. Dry stone wall is one of our main specializations. The composition of a stone wall can be different and depends on the type of stone. We build from very durable, yet well workable materials.

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Dry stone wall

It is a traditional way of building a stone wall without a visible concrete joint. It is one of the favorite elements of garden architecture. It is often used to strengthen the terrain. The dry stone wall can serve as a retaining wall made of natural stone, the advantage of which is its natural appearance and decorativeness.

Support wall

For retaining walls, concrete or other binder is very often used to achieve greater strength under load. The composition of the wall and the choice of stone is at the customer’s request. Retaining walls are used to strengthen the terrain and prevent landslides.

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Double-sided visible stone wall

The foundation of the wall is most often built of lost formwork, which is covered with stone at the customer’s request after pouring concrete. Free-standing walls have a wide range of uses: for example as fences, decorative walls, demarcation of land or for the installation of an electric gate.

Stone cladding

The customer chooses a natural stone on request, which is lined with the already finished structure. A paneled wall can also serve as a retaining wall.

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Stone walls

The stone is a very nice and above all natural material that fits perfectly into any space. The stone walls then acquire a very elegant look.

In earlier times, stone walls were a very common construction in every building. Stone was the cheapest building element and so it was used to build anything. He is still located
Stone walls make their place of work in many places because they are truly original in their appearance.

We will be happy to build a stone wall according to your wishes and you can also choose which stone you want. We specialize in drywall stone walls. We choose very durable and well-worked stones that will give the final construction an effective design and attract attention. Above all, they are stable and completely natural outdoors.

We will build a wall on request

  • Stone walls without a binder are great for gardens, where they can serve as an elegant support
    wall with a natural look. We can complete it with a gate or a vault.

  • For larger stone walls or more secure support, a binder can also be used, most often concrete, which will prevent it
    to the landslide and overall the consolidation of the space is ideally solved.

  • It is not a problem to line the wall with some other construction, where the stone will serve as a great one
    decoration element.

There are really many options, but there is already room for your wishes and requirements.

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