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Custom riverbeds

After the experience with flooded small rivers and streams, a much more approach to the solution of water drainage with the help of a stone riverbed. In addition, the space will come to life nicely.

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Constructuon of stone riverbeds

Lately, you can admire this construction in small and larger cities, when the flooding of rivers is really solved, and moreover, in terms of design, it is also very beneficial. However, you can also order a stone riverbed for your garden. Do you have any idea what it would be good for you if there is no stream flowing through it? In such a case, it will rather be a decorative element, which can be suitably incorporated into the rock garden or thus highlight various parts of the outdoor space.

At the customer’s request, we will create a stone riverbed nicely according to his ideas. It does not have to be a large building. We can build different shapes and dimensions and thus you get a unique design element that ensures a safe flow of water.

Stone shore

It is also not a problem for us to build watercourses at any place or straight stone bank, which will serve to maintain the water flow without disturbing the surrounding soil. Here, too, there is a very important function, which prevents landslides and strengthens the terrain around watercourses. There are really many possibilities and the huge advantage of stone elements is that it is a purely natural material.

If you are interested in building a stone riverbed, do not hesitate to contact us.

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