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Custom stone stairs

Stone stairs are a popular element of gardens and entrances to the house. Thanks to its durability, it lasts a lifetime with minimal maintenance. The stones can be laid dry or in concrete.

Kamenné schodiště s žulovými nášlapy

Construction of a stone staircase

The staircase is built according to the prescribed standards so that the tread is wide enough and thus ensures comfort for people with larger feet. The design of the staircase can be built by prior arrangement.

We build most often:

  • of solid stones that settle to dryness
  • of smaller stones, on which stone paving (most often granite) is then laid.
  • combination of stones with respect to the surrounding stone walls – unification of the visual appearance
  • stone staircase with a monolithic tread or a stone massif
Kamenné schodiště

Stone stairs are a very popular element of gardens, but also other various entrances to buildings. No wonder, because their advantages are a nice and natural appearance, longevity and easy maintenance. We build stone stairs according to prescribed standards so that the tread is wide enough and safe for everyone. We lay the stones dry or even in concrete according to your wishes.

We can implement everything quickly and, of course, if you are not sure about the choice, we will be happy to recommend the best according to the space, so that the design of everything also meets the standards. We have extensive experience and an overview of various types of stone material. We can determine what is most suitable for a given space, but naturally you will always have the last word in the selection.

On the stone steps you can choose solid stones, which are laid on dry land, but also smaller stones. Of course, stone paving, most often made of granite, can be laid on them without any problems. Naturally, it is also possible to make combinations of stone so that everything corresponds to the correct design. Your stone staircase can also have a great tread made of monolith or solid stone. In short, it will be issued according to your priorities.

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