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Custom made stone cellar

Stone cellars “dry style” are becoming more popular in the storage of fruits, vegetables and, last but not least, wine. This type of construction requires architectural assistance in statics calculations. We have many years of experience with the construction of cellars and we will advise you on yours as well.

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Above ground stone cellars

There are several ways to build an above-ground cellar. You can choose a cellar with a stone vault or combine different construction methods to achieve your idea. Above-ground cellars can be built with a stone vault without it. The simplest method of building a basement foundation is to use lost formwork.

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Another way to achieve the result is with the help of STONE TILING on an already built building. We will be happy to recommend the type of stone according to the location of the building.

If a cellar is being built under the house, it does not require as much care as above-ground stone cellars. Here it is necessary to choose the right path and also to choose the appropriate type of stone so that everything is well secured and, of course, the right design. This time you can’t do without architectural assistance. Correct calculations of statics are a guarantee of quality and safe construction. Due to the fact that we have experience with the construction of stone cellars, you can also rely on us in this area. We will be happy to meet your requirements and together we will create a tailor-made cellar where you will feel good.

We build stone cellars according to your wishes and we have no problem combining material in different ways so that the design really stands out and you are satisfied with the result. If you need to equip the interior with stone elements for better design and effect, we will be happy to advise you, as we have a really rich experience with the construction of stone cellars.

Are you going to build a stone cellar and need to equip the spaces inside in a suitable way? Even in this case, we will not leave you in trouble. We will help to design the correct location of other stone components, which will match the design to the entire building.

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The interior of the stone cellar

When building an interior, it always depends on the customer’s requirements. We have experience with vaulting and classic cladding.

Custom interior elements

Custom-made stone elements can be incorporated into the interior. For example, when building a wine cellar, basics, storage areas, washbasins or stone stairs are popular.

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Underground stone cellars

During the construction of the underground cellar, extensive preparation of the terrain for construction is necessary. This preparation includes earthworks along with the construction of a foundation for the cellar. The type of stone is of course optional.

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