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Stone vaults

Looking at various buildings or elements will take your breath away. All the more so when you know that behind the building is a natural material that creates a unique design.

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Construction of a custom stone vault

The stone vault can be built into the stone wall, where it can serve as a design element. Furthermore, the vaults are most often used above the entrance to the building, at the gates or cellars.

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If we look a bit in history, then we have to look at ancient Rome, where the vaults basically have their origin. From the point of view of statics, this is a very perfect arrangement of stone pieces. In essence, the force is effectively distributed in the structure over its entire surface. Naturally, it will last for thousands of years again. Evidence of this are again historic buildings with an entrance vault or stone walls with niches. We can also admire old tunnels in various places, or other places that are decorated with a stone vault.

The vaults can be shaped in practically all places that you want to highlight in some way. It is not a problem to incorporate this element into a stone wall in your garden and possibly also use it in combination with another material, which is wood. Basically, both components are suitable for gardens or parks, because they naturally support the landscape.

We will make stone vaults exactly to measure according to your order and they do not have to be just stone walls. We can also handle entrances to rooms, buildings or cellars or other spaces. If your building retains a certain historic appearance, we will be happy to support it with a suitable and durable material.

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