LK Kamenné stavby

Custom stone gate

If you are looking for an opportunity to create an driveway or entrance that will leave an impression, a stone gate is the ideal way to achieve this. We create gates from quality stones that will last forever.

Kamenná brána z pískovce

We will build an impressive gate for you

Whether it is a new building or an existing property, the gateway will give your project the necessary atmosphere.

Since working with stone is a matter of the heart for us, we also have a feeling for choosing the right material. We will exhibit a stone gate according to your ideas, so that it is suitable for your property or even for your gardens. You can suggest to us what your idea is and we can implement it. Thanks to our rich experience, you will be satisfied with the result, which will certainly bring your premises to life.

Flexible gate height and width
Possibility to hang gates
Custom design solutions
We work with high quality stone
Přední pohled na kamennou bránu

Combine with other stone elements

We will design our gates to work with other architectural components, allowing you to create a truly unique design. For example, a stone wall can be connected to the gate.

Demonstration of the implementation of the Lány Gate

About the construction of the gate

The gate was built of marl, which can be easily machined into the desired shapes. Every stone in this building was handmade to the required size.

  • The vault was made of large stones
  • The knee stones we worked on are made of sandstone and lead to the base of the gate
  • Flap sandstone slabs are cut to size of the gate
  • Some elements were cut only after the stone was placed directly on the finished structure.

History of the gate

If we look at history again, the stone gates were quite a common building, which was part of historic settlements. Many of them were also the gateway to gardens, parks or the field.

Behind every stone that was placed in the building was a piece of human labor. The result, however, were beautiful buildings that separated different spaces. Some stone gates were famous for important people passing by.

Quality stone gate exactly as you imagined

You don’t have to worry about the stability of the stone gate, as our experience and the constructions we carry out are completely safe. Do not hesitate to contact us, together we will create a wonderful element.

Are you interested?

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