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Stone buildings and structures

In this section we will include all free-standing stone buildings as well as stone structures. We offer, for example, a stone fireplace, seating, fireplaces, stoves and other stone elements. Stone buildings are still very desirable and basically no wonder. It offers its owner more than just a nice design.

Kamenné posezení u ohniště

We will build a stone building or a custom-made building for you

We are able to build any building for you, where the stone will be the basic element, just a decorative screen or tiling. More complex stone buildings will be approved by the building architect and structural engineer to make you feel safe. You can have only a part of the building built, as a certain screen that will separate the rest area from the utility space in the garden. Then you will feel like in a castle.

Natural stone has very good thermal conductivity. It beautifully absorbs the sun’s rays and at the same time prevents unwanted heating of the rooms. We will be happy to build a stone building that will meet your requirements. Together we will compile a design, the size of the building, we will recommend the best for your satisfaction.

Kamenná budova

Surely you have already met the stone building or its remains, especially for historic buildings. According to statistics, stone buildings are counted as structures that survive for many years. Proof of this are the buildings several thousand years old. At present, other buildings are preferred, but natural stone is not forgotten. Practically anything can be built from stone if the right type of material is chosen, or a combination of different shapes and colors of the stone.

Stone seating

A popular addition to gardens is a stone seating area.

Stone facades and entrances

We offer stone cladding of the facade or complete exhibition of the stone entrance, including the stone vault.

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