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Custom stone well

The ornamental gardens definitely include a well. Naturally, it must be exceptional and basically meet the right design criteria. You will never make a mistake with a stone.

Kamenná studna s kruhovou obezdívkou

Construction of a stone well

The well is considered a waterworks and therefore it is necessary during its construction the appropriate authorization from an authorized engineer in the field of construction of water management.

We can offer the construction of an above-ground view of the well according to the customer’s wishes. We can also prepare a well for the subsequent addition of a roof.

Kamenná studna se střechou v kruhu z kamenného odseku

Let’s stop for a moment in the castle garden. Decorative elements are definitely not missing here, in addition, it brings a certain enrichment to the outdoor space. It is no wonder that the built well is made of stone and it is not even a functional element. It simply brings a certain charm. As you can see, you will never spoil anything with stone decorations, and on the contrary, you too can have stone wells built. It is not necessary for them to be full of water, although even such a construction will not cause us any problems.

This natural material will conjure up stone wells that can be functional, but also only fulfill a decorative purpose. It is only good to remember that this is a water work and therefore it is necessary to have the appropriate authorization during construction from an authorized engineer in the field of water management construction.

It seems too complicated, but you still long for the well of your dreams? We look forward to hearing from you in this case
we will help, we will build a stone well according to your wishes and we can also attach a roof. Or complement it with other decorative stone elements, so you can build a real resting place.

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