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Custom stone cladding

The customer chooses natural stone, which is lined with the already finished structure. The stone cladding can also serve as a retaining wall.

Kamenný obklad vápencem

Stone cladding of buildings

We are able to build stone cladding for any structure, such as house facades, bridges, cellars or other elements intended for cladding. The strength of the joint is optional in most cases.

Minimal stone maintenance
Resistance to weather changes
Good thermal insulation
Kamenný obklad fasády

Stone is an absolutely great building material that can be used to build virtually anything. Of course, it’s good to have experience, and we really do. It is no wonder that it is currently possible to use stone tiles or paving, because these elements definitely have their place in modern buildings. Although at first glance you may think that you are standing in front of an overall stone building, this may not be true. It can be a stone cladding, which we are able to build on any structure of the house, but also other buildings, such as bridges or cellars and the like. Stone tiles can also be used inside the room, for example, wine cellars then look very luxurious. Especially if it is supplemented with other stone components.

Interior tiling

Tiles in the interior have the same properties as in the exterior. The stone in the interior creates a luxurious impression and is very popular in the construction of stone cellars.

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If you are considering stone cladding, do not hesitate to contact us, we will create a unique and design building according to your ideas and wishes. Stone tiles are definitely beneficial for your property.

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