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Custom paving works

We implement all types of paving. We often lay stone sections, granite fans, granite mosaics, granite paving, historic paving and large-format stone paving. Stone is a great building material. Not only because it is a natural ingredient, but basically you can choose different species that create a unique design.

Dlaždičské práce - Dlažba z žulového odseku

Custom stone paving

Working with stone is a challenge for us in all directions. In addition, natural stone is a proven building material and can be used in practice for the construction of buildings, walls, cellars, tables or stone equipment, but it is also ideal for building sidewalks, stairs or can even be used as tiling or paving. And thanks to the quality of the material, he doesn’t mind any environment. It is true that it is often necessary to select the stone piece by piece, to lay and adjust it with a spirit level, but on the other hand, something truly unique will emerge.

Kamenný sklep

The surfaces of natural stone are different and it is no wonder that stone has a unique position among all building materials. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with other building elements. It is not a problem to put the stones together so that you are satisfied with the result of our tiling work, but so that the final form is also charming. The advantage is, of course, long life and very easy maintenance.

Granite stone laying


Granite fans - in a ring 10x10
Granite mosaics - 5x5
Granite paving - 16x16 and 20x20
Roh kamenné zdi s žulovou dlažbou

Laying stone paving (wild style)

Irregular shapes and sizes of stone are a very suitable decorative element for the creation of sidewalks or access roads. Just choose the place of laying and the choice of stone, leave the rest to us.

Kamenná dlažba na divoko

Quality natural material

Very often we lay stone sections, granite fans, mosaics or granite tiles. We can also conjure up historic paving or large-format paving. We will create stone paving according to your ideas and requirements. In short, we offer complete tiling work. Our rich experience with natural stone is a great advantage for us, as we can handle any terrain and installation. We use only high-quality natural stone, which is definitely a guarantee of long durability.

Laying stone bases

Basically, these stones are ideal for creating the basis of a path to the garden, but they are a suitable decoration for your property. We can lay them for you by creating a continuous path or, according to your wishes, it will be possible to lay them separately.

Stone cladding

We do not focus only on stone paving. We will be happy to offer you stone tiles that will once again highlight your property or even the interior. There are really many ways to incorporate natural stone into a building or outdoor space. We will be happy to help you with the appropriate choice of stone and construction, especially if additional expert opinions are needed to make everything in line with standards and, above all, your safety. We perform paving work both dry and with connecting material, depending on the situation.

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