LK Kamenné stavby

Cooperation for stonemasons and other craftsmen

We would like to offer you cooperation in the form of a product offer to your clients. It would be a stone sitting area, which contains 5 gabions in the shape of a ball for sitting and a stone gabion table.

Gabionové posezení z kamene

Make money with us! How to do it?

The cooperation consists in introducing our product to the client in photographs and describing to him why he should be interested in this stone set. The individual benefits are described later in this article.

He will find a lot of material on the Internet, so there is nothing easier than to link it to our website, Instagram or Facebook page, where he will find photos of a gabion sitting. If the client likes to sit, you can easily offer this product.

Gabionový kamenný set - bíle pozadí

Minimum work for you

A set of gabions will be ready for you and a stone filling as well. Your work will just bring the gabions to the client, fill them with stone and place them on the spot – everything will be ready, including the bars, which just settle in the concrete.

Do you have it over your head? It is not a problem to agree that we will do this work for you.

Easily made money, in exchange for a quality product

We will provide you with a stone set for a reasonable price, to which you will add an optional margin. We can recommend everything to you by phone or via e-mail

There is nothing easier than asking the client if he is interested in a really good and robust sitting.

Kamenné posezení před sklepem

Product description

Exclusive garden set made of stone and steel. Add variety to your space with original design furniture that will captivate you.

If you dream of beautiful elegant garden furniture, the stone seating will exceed your expectations. The collection of stone garden furniture is not only resistant to weather conditions, but also each piece is original.

The stone set is especially suitable as garden furniture due to the extreme hardness of the materials from which it is made. Thanks to the different shades and structures of the stones, everyone can choose. The stones are easy to maintain, thanks to which they will decorate the garden for a longer period of time. As an accessory, we also offer a wooden seat for even greater comfort.

Weather resistant
Guaranteed strength of materials
Every piece is original
Stone selection is optional

Technical parameters

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Material: Steel, stone
  • Seat cage diameter: 470 mm
  • Possibility of a wooden seat: Yes
  • Joining technology: Ground weld
  • Finish: Galvanized

Are you interested?

If you are interested in our service, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also follow us on social networks Instagram or Facebook.

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