LK Kamenné stavby

We have been pulling stones for over 20 years

Luděk Komoň and Daniel Pospíchal. Two friends who laid their first tiles for joy, family and friends. Today, they build stone buildings together throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

O nás - úvodní foto

After 20 years of working with stone and laying paving, we have learned to estimate what you, the customer, need and therefore we are able to advise on any stone construction. We always try to meet the needs of our customers and that is why each order is individually tailored to your ideas.

We build buildings that will last you a lifetime. Each project is unique and leaves an impression. It is our experience in the field of stone constructions that is what customers value the most in the final. We guarantee our constructions and we want you to always be satisfied. Realized stone constructions are our business card and we never want to be ashamed of a finished project.

We currently offer services in the field of stone construction and tile work.

Kamenný obklad fasády

History and significant realizations

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