LK Kamenné stavby

We build stone walls and buildings

We offer a comprehensive range of work with stone in the interior and exterior. We specialize in the construction of dry stone walls, retaining walls, and laying stone paving.

Why choose us to build stone structures?

20 years of stone work experience

Based on this experience with stone of various kinds, we will complete the construction for you according to your ideas in the agreed time.

We will advise you on the construction

We will thoroughly consult with each construction project and advise you on the ideal project solution. If necessary, we will also provide a building architect.

We arrange stone for you

We will arrange a suitable stone for you and arrange transport to the construction site according to the location. We cooperate with quarries throughout the Czech Republic.

We will be happy to come to the project across the Czech republic

We will come to your order anywhere in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We are able to provide all the equipment and accommodation ourselves.

Our stonework showcase

What do we specialize in?

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of stonework, both indoors and outdoors. Our specialty is the construction of dry stone walls.

We implement all types of paving. We very often lay stone sections, granite fans, granite mosaics, granite paving, sandstone historical paving and large-format stone paving.

We often perform tiling work in historical parts of cities – as partial or complete replacements of stone paving or stone buildings from original materials.

Today, stone is increasingly used as a design element.

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