LK Kamenné stavby

Stone residence Podkozí

We were invited to build a double-sided view wall, sometimes up to 4 meters high, in which dozens of companies participated. We participated in the project for 10 years.

Volně stojící kamenná zeď

About work

We were given a section with straits, which was the most difficult, because it contained 6 vaults. Many types of stones were used on this huge structure, such as: cornea, crystalline slate, basalt, crustacean sandstone, granite, etc. Work was done both indoors and outdoors.

  • Construction of a stone wall on both sides (hundreds of meters common)
  • Construction of stone bridges
  • Rivers and streams
  • Stone drives for the mill
  • Stone parking (also on the roof of the building)
  • Gutter walkways and stone paths
  • Stone edging


This building was used outdoors even at a temperature of -18 ° C (hot air insulation was used).

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